Bratislava Stock Exchange (BSSE) was founded on 15 March 1991, in compliance with a decree of the Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic from the year 1990. BSSE is the sole organiser of a regulated market of securities in the Slovak Republic. From 26 June 2001, BSSE has been performing its activity on the basis of a licence granted by the Financial Market Authority of the Slovak Republic. The operation of a Multilateral Trading Facility (MTF) was added to the said licence on 26 March 2008, following a decision of the National Bank of Slovakia.


Trading on BSSE started on 6 April 1993.


BSSE is a joint-stock company whose activity is governed primarily by the Act No 429/2002 (Coll.) on the Stock Exchange as amended by later legislation, other legal regulations and Stock Exchange Rules of the BSSE. Bratislava Stock Exchange’s operation is based on a membership principle, which means that only Stock Exchange members, plus the National Bank of Slovakia, are allowed to directly conclude stock exchange transactions.


BSSE bodies are the following:

• General Meeting

• Supervisory Board

• Executive Board

• Director General


In conformity with requirements of the law, BSSE has established an independent Stock Exchange Deals Inspection Department, which performs primarily the supervision and monitoring of concluded stock exchange transactions.


The following committees have been established by the Executive Board as its permanent advisory bodies:

Membership Committee

Securities Listing Committee

Trading Committee


The permanent Stock Exchange Arbitration Court (SEAC) was established in 1995. Its main task is to resolve disputes resulting from stock exchange transactions, as well as transactions closed outside BSSE. The SEAC is an independent institution. Proceedings can start on the condition that concerned parties express free will to discuss a given dispute in front of the SEAC, which they all confirm by signing an arbitration agreement (arbitration clause).


BSSE was admitted as a member – correspondent by the Federation of European Securities Exchanges (FESE) in 2000. In connection with the ongoing process of approximation of Slovak legislation concerning the capital market to the law of the European Union, BSSE was admitted as an associated member by FESE in the year 2002. Following up to the Slovak Republic’s entry into the European Union, BSSE has been a full member of FESE since 1 June 2004.