* Multilateral Trading Facility („MTF“) – multilateral trading system operated by BSSE from 1 May 2008 in accordance with § 39a of the Act No 429/2002 (Coll.) on the Stock Exchange as amended by later legislation

** Segment for Qualified Investors („Segment QI“) – non-asset financial instruments for qualified investors according to the Art. 2 letter e) of the Regulation on the Prospectus

*** Segment QI – funds – Financial instruments of funds of qualified investors (QI) in this segment can be distributed only to the persons according to the § 3 letter ap) of the Act on Collective Investment and according to the § 8a Sec. 2 of the Act on Securities

Labelling of the markets on the BSSE web site:

Listed Main Market: H
Listed Parallel Market: P
Regulated Free Market: V
Segment QI: Q
Segment QI – funds: F
Multilateral Trading Facility (MTF): M

MIC Codes of the BSSE markets:
XBRA – for Regulated Market
EBRA – for Multilateral Trading Facility