Cookies info

Principles of using cookies

We value your privacy and try to provide you with the most accurate information so that you can fully exercise your rights. We have therefore created these cookie-relating principles to describe how we gather the information collected by this website and to allow you to adjust your privacy settings so that they suit your needs.

What are cookies?
Cookies are text files containing information that are uploaded to any device using the Internet when you visit a website, e.g. your computer, tablet or mobile phone. They are stored on your device to track your website visits and your browsing preferences.

In terms of the permanence of their storage, cookie files can be:

a) temporary cookie files – which are automatically deleted after you turn off your internet browser,
b) persistent cookie files – which remain in the user’s internet browser even after turning off the device with which the user accesses the website.

Processing of cookies by third parties

Third-party cookies (e.g. Google Analytics) are placed on your device by some functions enabled on our website.

BCPB is not responsible for the storage of cookies on the websites of third parties or the use of cookies stored on the user’s end device by third parties.

How do we use cookies?
Our ways of using cookie-related technologies can be divided into the following categories:

Technical cookies – We use these cookies to ensure the proper functioning of our website and to enable browsing and use of its functions. You must accept these cookies in order to use our website.

Preference cookies – We use these cookies for your personal settings, for example to set the language in which information is to be displayed. These cookies generally make it possible to offer content adapted to your needs.

Analytics cookies – We use these cookies to measure traffic of our site (e.g. the number of visits) and improve its functions and user experience. These cookies allow us to collect statistics about website traffic and visitors.