Membership on BSSE

Only authorised entities, which includes BSSE members and the National Bank of Slovakia, can conclude stock exchange transactions on BSSE.

BSSE membership can be granted to a securities dealer, a foreign securities dealer, a bank, a foreign bank, an asset-management company or a foreign asset-management company, provided that they meet the conditions stipulated by the Stock Exchange Rules and BSSE decides in favour of their admission.

The Stock Exchange Rules permit two types of membership:

Temporary membership – limited for a period of 1 year (this type of membership cannot be granted to a bank or a foreign bank), and

Regular membership – unlimited in time.

When concluding stock exchange transactions, a BSSE member always acts on its own behalf and on its own, or its client’s account. When concluding stock exchange transactions, a BSSE member must proceed in compliance with the Stock Exchange Rules of BSSE and applicable generally binding legal regulations. A BSSE member can only conclude stock exchange transactions via a natural person – a stockbroker who is in possession of a valid certificate on knowledge of the Stock Exchange Rules and the Stock Exchange’s trading system. All BSSE members have equal rights and obligations in the conclusion of stock exchange transactions.

The Stock Exchange is entitled to take measures against/impose sanctions upon a member that fails to meet the obligations arising from BSSE membership or from the Stock Exchange Rules. Such sanctions may include a permanent revocation of the authorisation to trade on BSSE.

Further details on BSSE membership can be found in the brochure titled Membership on BSSE.pdf